Mar. 18th, 2017

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Let's have the usual round-up of my Saturday:

-->Got up, had breakfast, had Mom say we should take a drive up to Home Depot and look at appliances so we can have some estimates in mind for putting it all in if and when we get the new house; it was agreed we'd go after lunch

-->Wrote about a page and a half on "Fixing You" -- Ma Thatcher has been introduced to the group, and we're getting into Talking About The Painful Stuff

-->Went driving -- took the back way we usually use to get to Wal-Mart, since Home Depot is right nearby. The parking lot was a bit of a maze, but I got a space right near the end without any problems. We wandered around Home Depot, looking at stuff -- Mom took a few pictures of stoves and fridges she liked -- and chatted about cool stuff we could do to the house. Then it was across the street (well, highway) to Stop & Shop to pick up some stuff for spinach pies and smoothies, and some more ice cream, then back home. Driving went well, so that was good.

-->Watched Helloween's thoughts on the Nier: Automata PC port (most everything is good, but there's some severe graphical issues, sadly -- namely nasty texture pop-in, certain cut scenes having horrendous frame rate issues, and -- crap, what was the third? Well, at any rate, Helloween wasn't impressed), and his latest RE7 set (Clancy, one of the guys from the demo, popped up again only to officially die in a trial run of a puzzle, but through recording his death, spared Ethan the same fate -- which is good, as his fate was BURNING TO DEATH), then proceeded to watch a bunch of WhatCulture gaming videos just because.

-->Had supper, then popped onto Sims. Slapped in my friend Nebby's "Tarts and Flowers Chapel" lot in a spare spot in Windenburg -- I added a fountain to one side, and gave it the Chef's Kitchen, Great Acoustics, and Party Place lot traits (since it has little kitchen for making stuff, a piano for music, and -- well, it's MEANT for wedding parties!). I also made it a Nightclub at her suggestion, since apparently leaving it a generic lot doesn't make it party-worthy. Had to stick in a couple of speakers to meet the "stereo" requirement, but I have nice new ones that play wedding-appropriate Baroque music, so no big. I also evicted the Reardon family in Willow Creek and moved them to a different lot so I could put down her huge Sims Hotel and Resort lot (classed as a spa, since we don't have real hotels, at least not yet). Upgraded the basement movie theater with my Movie Hangout Stuff movie screen (scaled up), then went ahead and sent Marty and Jennifer there on a date for funsies.

I don't think I can ever use that lot again, at least not in its current form. I don't know WHAT happened, but everything slowed WAY THE FUCK DOWN while on that lot. It would take AGES for queued-up actions to fire -- I was seriously convinced for most of the date they were going to get a bad score because of how long it took to do anything! They just stood around and stared for the most part! Even PAUSING took longer! I'm assuming the lot is simply too big and has too much crap on it, at least for my game/specs, but it was FRUSTRATING AS ALL HELL. If I ever go back, I'm first getting rid of a bunch of stuff. I just CANNOT go through that again.

-->Watched Helloween and Rufert's next DS3 set -- there was much exploding each other, much bitching about dumb enemies, much inventory fullness, and much joking around about how each partner needed more space. :P It's quite amusing to see Helloween just being silly with a friend. And even better to know I'll be getting more of it tomorrow -- his and Kiko's Goldhawk series is back! :D

-->Evening has been spent catching up on main tumblr and doing some RPing on RP tumblr. Nothing too strenuous.

So yeah, my day in a nutshell. Been a pretty good Saturday, honestly, even with the damn Sims slowdown. And that really just might be my computer not being able to handle such a complex lot. . . I'll figure it out next weekend. Right now, I gotta finish up some replies and suchlike. Night all!

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