May. 10th, 2017

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Sniped AGAIN by an all-cash offer from someone who didn't care as much about the trees overhanging North Providence. Well, at least we found out quickly we weren't getting the place. Back on the hunt now, though I think we're all getting a bit exhausted by it. My parents have been going to tons of open houses, and most of my driving lessons feel like they've taken me all over Cranston and the related environs on drive-bys. It just wears on you after a while, you know? Bleeh...just gotta keep pushing forward, though.

Work was nothing particularly special today -- I spent most of it chipping away at the processing company maintenance. Got two more days completed, so that's good! However, I've got an import tomorrow with a TON of new adds, so -- yeah. That'll take a bit. *grimace* At least I'm making progress...also, had to get some money to help pay for a flower arrangement at work (I think I mentioned the boss's father died?), so I had my first experience with a drive-up ATM after getting home. Nothing too shabby, though I had to open my door to actually REACH the ATM. Didn't want to get much closer to the curb, though...ah, the wonders of being kinda short. Got the money, though, so I'm good.

More "Fixing You" today -- Thirteen's being creepy and Victor's being creeped out. Poor guy...and it's just going to get worse tomorrow as Thirteen tries to convince him a few lustful thoughts make him just as bad as Bumby. Fortunately Alice is there to help him get past this. Still, not a fun time in Victor's head. At least the final reward -- some more mental stability -- should be worth it. (Plus I'm already making plans for his final "main" domain, inspired heavily by the Forest Kingdom in Nier: Automata.)

Rest of the evening has been mainly catching up on tumblr and making sure my queue for tomorrow is ready to go. Have a PM to answer, and then it's off to bed for me. Two more days to get through! Hopefully they're not too crazy... Night all!

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