May. 11th, 2017

crossover_chick: Doc snoozing on his couch (BTTF: exhausted)
Import with a lot of new people, which took up most of the morning, then most of the afternoon was catching up some more on maintenance. Nothing too special. You know how most workdays go.

Writing went pretty well -- Thirteen's been creepy, Victor's gotten enraged and tried to kill him, and Alice has stopped him on the basis of "that won't actually fix the underlying problem." Got the rest of how the conversation between the three of them should go planned out too. Feel like getting a handle on how this should all go -- the root of Victor's problems post-Bumby -- will help me when I go back and edit the rest of the fic. I already know I have to fit in Victor having a certain kind of bad dream at some point. . .also, more Dr. Wilson. The guy hasn't even FEATURED yet in this story. But I want to get a basic first draft done first.

Fanfic posted today: Another chunk of the Coffee Shop AU (which the friend I originally prompted for a three-sentence fic of it quite liked), and a sad, mildly creepy nightmare for Forgotten Vows Friday tomorrow. Kind of on wildly varying sides of the divide, huh? Still, I hope they're both enjoyable.

And on that note, I really should get to bed -- I did finish a response for a PM on here, but it's simply too late for me to post it. I'll catch up on all my DW comments (and reading page) tomorrow. Viva La Weekend -- even though I'm starting it seeing another open house. On the other hand, if that goes well...fingers crossed!

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