May. 14th, 2017

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As you do, although again it was largely catching up on videos. Here's the run-down:

-->Gave Mom her card (a musical pop-up of an island -- the joke was asking how a Caribbean vacation might sound) and her present (new sunglasses). To my surprise, she hadn't cottoned on that that was her gift! Dad just convinced her to get out of the store while I bought them and my comic. (Still need to order the other ones.) She liked both a lot, though, so yay. :)

-->Wrote some more on "Fixing You" -- Victor has purified Thirteen of Bumby's taint, revealing him to actually be just his libido. Fixing up Silent Burtonsville is up next, then we're coming up to the close of this first draft. Looking quite forward to writing the final chapters with the wedding stuff. :)

-->Played some Bloodlines -- visited Santa Monica to stock up on some blood (Vandal decided to be super-creepy on the first visit) and some weapon ammo. Unfortunately could NOT get the body armor I thought Mercurio sold -- maybe it only pops up before the final boss fights? Hmm. At any rate, after spending a chunk of change (and selling my picture of VV for about $300 -- sorry VV!), I actually went ahead and advanced the story, learning of the Sabbat attack and going out to kick Sabbat ass. I've cleared the first part of the Hallowbrook Hell and have left Harry, sledgehammer at the ready, in a safe place before tackling the lower levels. Funny to think that I'm actually pretty close to the end of the game now! It's been a fun ride. :)

-->Went on a Helloween watching spree:

Dead Space 3 co-op with Rufert -- they continue to rag on how awful the game is, to the point of actively ignoring as much story stuff as possible. Also, there was a hilarious glitch with a plot-important dead body ragdolling into the sky that left both of them laughing maniacally for about a full minute. XD Between that and Helloween accidentally blowing himself up AGAIN with his rocket launcher. . .good stuff.

Chrono Trigger -- The people of Zeal have been taught an important lesson about hubris! Also about not draining power from an evil abomination from beyond the stars, lest it try to eat/absorb you and then wreck all your shit. Also some asshole tried to make himself the king of the wrecked shit, only for Crono's buds to show him up but good. The downside is that it currently looks like Crono somehow gave his life in saving his friends from Lavos -- at the very least, the main character is no longer available to put in your party. O.o Given there's a sequel, I know he'll be found, but still. You wouldn't expect a SNES game to tug at the heartstrings like that.

Obscure 2 -- He uploaded another set early, so I went ahead and watched it. The gang's back where it all started -- Leafmore High! Still chasing the deformed serial killer, who seems to have found a way into the school's basement to cultivate its creepy plants. Still remains gloriously terribad awesome. XD

-->Also watched a bunch of WhatCulture and OutsideXbox videos, plus some RabbidLuigi and Sim Supply stuff. The latter was particularly amusing -- there was a Vampires update where Finn was forced to be nice to his vampiric offspring for a change, and actually managed to complete the "Vampire Family" aspiration. He's also two days away from completing his main "Master Vampire" aspiration -- James is already talking about the best way to end the series, with Finn being slain by James's self-sim. XD Better yet, though, was a brief challenge video where James decided to play the game in a different language -- specifically, Japanese. Cue 17 minutes of desperate fumbling, accidentally luring a woman away from her husband and marrying her after impregnating her, and discovering at the last minute he'd turned his Sims' autonomy off. XD Great stuff.

-->I did get my queues done for my tumblrs though, so that's good. A little ahead of the game here. And I caught up on my tumblr dash and my DW reading page, so that's good too. Finally, THERE'S that productivity.

And there's the 11:30 at night sign, so I'd better hit the sheets. Another full work week ahead. . .just gotta push on through. Night!

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