May. 27th, 2017

crossover_chick: Alice (Wonderland) looking kind of confused (AMA: WTFery?)
Watched his latest Obscure II set today (which involved an unfortunate death->reload situation he was sour about (the game IS pretty stingy with the checkpoints)) -- and at the end of it, he revealed he was going on vacation! Normally he tries to have a video or two ready ahead of time, but the fact that his Nier: Automata stuff takes ages to edit means he didn't have time this time around. I certainly don't begrudge him needing a little break -- it just feels weird for me to have all this time off, and have it coincide with him taking some time off. :p On the other hand, thanks to not having five million of his sets to catch up on, I'm all caught up on just about everything else I wanted to watch, and have been able to space it out nicely. All that remains is last Monday's Linkara episode, and I could easily save that for Monday and do a double feature if I really wanted. (Now to decide if I want to buy Dirk Gently from Amazon Video, and if so, how exactly do I watch it. . .)

Other things of note that have happened today:

-->Parents went to see a house -- beautiful, Mom says, but out of our price range. If it's still on the market after a couple of weeks, we might put in an offer, but...

-->Wrote some more on "Fixing You" -- actually did NOT get down to the Land of the Dead, but only because I ended up detailing some of the stuff they did before. They're right on the verge of arriving down there at this moment. I'm thinking I'll be done with this thing by the end of May/beginning of June. Good times.

-->Played some more Bloodlines -- Harry made it past a vampire slinging magic, and to the boss fight with Andrei! (Which was broken up by us having lunch.) Andrei was kind of a tricky bastard at first -- he has a nasty form that deals aggravated damage -- but became a lot easier when I discovered I could take one of the handy torches he'd set up in his blood-soaked arena and wail on him with it. I also got the special "aggravated damage" sword from the pit, so that was good. Advanced the story a bit more, and am currently parked in my haven, ready to greet Nines at the park and deal with werewolves! Hoping I can pull off the observatory kill. . .we'll see.

-->Took advantage of a 20% off sale on to buy the BTTF comics I need. Looking forward to catching up! And apparently the newest issues are coming out end of May -- I have a dentist appointment next Saturday, which I'm vaguely planning on making a mall trip afterward. Fingers crossed that Newbury's will have them!

-->Weather started off pretty damn overcast, but eventually got rather nice. Hence, went out for a walk! Good to get some fresh air, get out and about. I like lazing around, but exercise is nice too. (Although I could have done without my sneaker rubbing up against my heel and giving me a little blister.)

-->Currently doing a little light RPing on Valice, just caught up on tumblr. Think I'll go get my queue for the main for the next couple of days done. I do have to tell everyone about the Weenie Roast of Doom in Sims 4, after all. XD

So yeah, gonna get a start on that. Gotta make sure to get to bed at a decent time, though -- I'm off with Mom, at least, to go see a house tomorrow, and we're leaving at 10. There will also be some more shoe shopping, if possible (to see if I can find that damn pair of simple flats I want), and I may just decide to have my hair cut. Already I'm kind of tired of longer hair. Short's so much easier to manage. . .and I may suggest a trip over to Dunn's Corners for a meal, if my parents are at all interested. Tomorrow's sort of being my "official day out," since it's supposed to be like today (aka, decent). Need to have one! Anyway, yeah, stuff to do, time limit, gotta head out. Night all!

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