Jun. 2nd, 2017

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For once, nothing major to do regarding the house stuff -- we had the inspection, which seemed to go well enough, and we'll be getting the official report tomorrow. No paperwork to sign today either. Fine by me -- I enjoy having a night off from all that.

Work was pretty quiet too -- spent most of the day catching up with tasks that had eluded me. Slowly but surely clawing my way through the maintenance. . .weather was decent again too. Though we kept having patches of dark cloud go over us, and it rained part of the way home. And I could have sworn I heard thunder outside earlier. Seems to be okay now, though.

Plans for the weekend include getting my teeth cleaned (dental appointments, gotta love 'em), then heading up to the mall. There's actually an event going on -- PVDfest, something to do with the arts in Providence -- but it all seems to be centered around a certain patch of the city, and I'll be walking around the edge of it. Hopefully Providence place won't be too busy. . .be nice to go out for a purely fun reason again, though. And if I'm lucky I'll get to catch up completely on the BTTF comics. We'll see what happens there.

Also, started a new story in the Forgotten Vows Verse -- the story of Victor and Alice's honeymoon. Though it actually starts with a "bachelorette party" for Alice, and her receiving a certain comedy pamphlet from Nanny. You know, "Instructions and Advice for the Young Bride?" (Yes, it says it was written in 1894, but given it's just a silly hoax, I think I can shift the time a little.) The piece is actually going to be less comedic than that suggests -- it's ultimately a fairly slow burn about Victor and Alice getting comfortable enough to go all the way -- but hey, gotta have some funny in there.

Anyway -- I got some queuing to do on tumblr before I turn in. Have to be up by 9 tomorrow (appointment's at 10:15), so time to get moving. Night all!

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