Jun. 22nd, 2017

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ValiceMultiverse had an EXPLOSION of activity -- I had to increase the size of my queue slightly to fit it all in! Having most of my replies drafted really saved my bacon/sanity there, let me tell you. (Especially since two of the threads tend toward the "writing novels at each other" genre.) Still took a while to sort everything out, especially since someone messaged me a meme, then proceeded to reply to said meme before I'd even seen it, leading to some confusion when I logged on until I figured out what had happened.

But the queue's set, as is Friday for VictorLuvsAlice -- have some dreams that invaded Victor's waking world during his stay in Mallow Hallow's Astralfield. Only sort of caught up on my tumblr dash, but I have some stuff in drafts that's ready for reblogging later, so that's good. And Nebby liked her birthday present, so that's good too. :) Also got in some writing on "First Time" -- cute "Alice carrying Victor into the honeymoon suite" scene is a go XD They really are adorable together. Falling into this OTP may have been a complete accident, but I'm glad I did.

Okay, time to hit the sack now that I've answered everything I can possibly answer. Supposed to be a muggy one tomorrow, bleh. . .but I should be in the air-con for most of it. And now that the house is more reality than dream, I'll have to consider the packing question this weekend. . . Just two more weeks as of tomorrow! Still doesn't feel quite like it's gonna happen. . .

But that's something to ponder later. Right now, sleep. Night!
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