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Not nearly as busy as yesterday, which is nice. Hell, setting up the Valice Multiverse RP queue was basically nothing -- one comment. Dunno what happened to everybody, but whatever. I gotta get up at eight tomorrow for the minigolf trip to Cape Cod, so a quieter night is right up my alley. Also got the VictorLuvsAlice queue set up, along with some prompts drafted for future use. Hooray for not being totally behind!

Other things of interest:

-->Forgot to mention this yesterday -- we watched the final episode of MST3K The Return, and -- it ends on a WEIRD note. I don't know if I should say any more because of spoilers, but -- well, it's both a rather unfitting end to the series if they don't get their second series (just a bit too dark and unsatisfying), and I'm not sure how they're going to explain it if they DO get it. (Although I guess they could use the joke I was SURE they were going to use at the end of the episode but didn't. . .) At least the movie was good fun.

-->Helloween Marathon on the YouTube front -- the next two sets of Darkwood (which is very creepy and now occasionally features vagina monsters), and the first set of his new Link To The Past LP (which is very cute and full of Helloween zipping around and failing at easy boss fights XD). Also submitted my votes as to the names of the characters in his OTHER Saturday LP, Secret of Mana -- I am like 99% sure at this point the girl is going to be named Alice. Pretty much EVERYBODY was voting for it. XD

-->Got to Geekcon in Sims 4 with Emmett! And took Nikal along because why the hell not. Emmett had a good time -- got to explore space in a rocket, play some Blicbloc, bought the festival T-shirt, and got a picture with a cosplayer. . .which was very easy because said cosplayer was Marty. XD (Don't know what the hell he was cosplaying as, but hell. Still cute.) I also made Emmett and Nikal best friends under the impression Sims could have more than one -- nope, removed that modifier from him and Marty. Grr. I'll reset it when I get a chance. At least flirting with Nikal is still going well. I guess the relationship does have a shot after all.

And -- well, that's about it, really. Like I said, low-key. :p But tomorrow's going to be an adventure (two new mini-golf places, and two old ones), so I need to get to bed. Night all!

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