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Off to Cape Cod today for our minigolf tour. Unfortunately, one of the places we planned to visit, Harbor Lights, was closed, but we were able to do the other three stops on our list. In order:

-->Cape Escape Adventure Golf: The farthest away in Orleans, MA, and probably the one with the simplest set-up. Fairly basic course with some tricky holes and nice scenery -- one big lake with a fake boat drifting around on it, and another big pool with fountains and a ton of koi fish (who immediately came up to us as we passed -- I think they're used to "people = food"). The quietest of the three we went to, despite us arriving around 11:00. Mom and Dad were a little "meh" on the course -- I liked it simply because I managed three holes-in-one. XD

-->Skull Island: A repeat for us. I believe I talked about it last year, but as a refresher, it's a tropical island-themed course with lots of plastic wildlife, grass huts, and (of course) a giant skull. Also one pirate-looking kid on a high lookout. Kinda busy, with one group of six who kindly let us go before them because they knew they were going to take a while on each hole. Fun stuff, as it was last year, and I got another hole-in-one here.

-->Pirate's Cove: The other repeat from last year (actually, a double repeat, as we went back last year to do the other side -- it's two courses in one). Again, refresher -- pirate-themed double-course (Captain's and Blackbeard's), with lots of stuff to look at (a half-sunken ship, a whole one, lots of pirate dummies), sound effects, and fun pirate facts on every hole. This is easily our favorite thanks to the complexity. Also everyone else's favorite -- this was definitely the busiest of the three. No holes in one for me here, sadly. Though I still finished off the day by having the most.

After all that, we headed over to Lindsey's Family Restaurant for a late lunch/early dinner. My parents had the seafood bisque and clam cakes (though I ate one of the latter), and I had some of their homemade root beer (tasted fine, though Mom was puzzled that it wasn't super-fizzy, as that is apparently a hallmark of homemade soda), and some BBQ short ribs baked into mac and cheese (did not know that could taste so good! Seriously, really cheesy, and the meat was super tender). And that filled us up for the ride back home. All in all, a really nice day out. :) I'm glad the weather cooperated -- it was seriously gorgeous out. Sunny, low 80s, just a perfect day for this sort of thing.

Got home around 4:40 (slightly earlier than a summer workday) -- here's what I've been doing since:

-->Wrote a short for "The Technicolor Phase" (as I wasn't really in a "Fixing You" mood) -- I had a pretty strong idea for Emily getting a color from Barkis, only to learn that "someone important" can also mean "the guy who murders you." Poor girl. . .but I have plans to make this better as the fic goes on through poly shenanigans, so. . . I've also been trying to decide who gets what colors from who, and which ones I want to write about. I mean, Bumby has to give both Lizzie and Alice colors, but I'm not sure which ones. . . This fic was easier when I was focusing on the colors Victor got from his three girls. You just had to expand the prompt out, Vic. . .

-->Went ahead and played some BioShock, since we'd all kind of mutually agreed supper wasn't happening (though we did have ice cream later -- just out of the freezer, though) and I didn't have to worry much about being interrupted. Ended up having a pretty solid play session going through the Farmer's Market. I've found a ton of goodies in various places, picked up a bunch of audio diaries, killed another Big Daddy (though I died once shortly before taking off that last bit of health, then had to track it down and wait for it to get another Little Sister -- that was annoying), slaughtered a bunch of Splicers, and hacked all the things. I am currently holed up with a friendly security camera, TWO friendly security bots (whom I hacked after triggering an alarm), and a friendly turret. ALL HAIL THE SECURITY QUEEN~ Seriously, Winter Blast is so frigging useful for this. . . Anyway, planning to pick up tomorrow with the search for honey samples and distilled water.

-->Caught up on my webcomics, then went to YouTube and discovered, to my delight, that another episode of Parenthood had been uploaded by The Sim Supply! So I went ahead and watched that. Poor James was the epitome of frustration this set, mainly because Max was having all sorts of problems with his needs. Not to mention he had a hell of a time getting Max's designated girlfriend to actually LIKE him. I feel your pain, buddy. *eyes Emmett and Nikal, who happily seem to be past this phase at last* But he succeeded at wooing her in the end. Of course, now his new goal is for her to fall in love with Max's younger brother. . . XD He also managed to tank Emotional Control enough to get the negative trait, though we'll see if it sticks -- it's just BARELY over the line.

-->Caught up on tumblr and did my usual little reblog spree. Rather glad this is one of my nights off the Valice Multiverse! I need that bit of breathing room.

Speaking of breathing room, also glad I took the two days off -- though tomorrow looks to be on the busier side. Mom and I are going to choose some fabric for my new headboard tomorrow, and I think the idea is to get as much of it assembled as possible so we can get it done and out of the way. Trust me, I am all for it. Should still have time for writing, Bioshock, and some YouTube videos, though.

And on that subject, there's one on BioShock's opening level that's calling my name over there. Night all!

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