Feb. 11th, 2017

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Though not quite in the way I expected -- last night, I was making my plans to pop in on Marty and Jennifer, sending them to the city San Myshuno for some fun, when I looked at my Victor and Alice update for the upcoming week --

And abruptly got mad that, thanks to that stupid cowplant/bladder bug incident, they hadn't been the ones to properly welcome in the new pack! They're my OTP -- they should get the honor! Besides, I also wanted to see if my second attempt at getting Alice pregnant had worked or not. So I decided, last-minute, that I'd play them again today and do something new-content-related with them.


-->Alice is indeed pregnant! :D

-->They got to test out the new ice cream machine from Cool Kitchen Stuff and spent the day eating bowls and cones of chocolate ice cream with whipped cream and sprinkle sticks. :D

-->Victor visited the Casbah Gallery in the Arts Quarter of San Myshuno while Alice was at work -- viewing some fine art, noodling around on a keyboard in the music studio, making himself a BLT and having a quick drink at the bar. :D (It's actually a pretty cool lot -- it also has a painting studio and a woodworking and clay-molding studio. Chell was visiting as well and she took a lump of clay, brought it downstairs with her, and put it atop a half wall. XD I retrieved it and put it back on the table so it could actually be used again.)

-->Vladislaus Straud, the Grand Master Vampire from Forgotten Hollow, buzzed them in the middle of the night and then came for a visit! :D

-->And I gave them a house remodel, buying a room for the kid, a TV, a computer, and a bunch of other little fun things. :D

It was really freaking fun! I haven't been quite this excited in the Sims for a while -- I mean, I do enjoy the game, but I went a full two hours on it -- one hour just spent redoing the house! It was nice, and now I feel like all that money I spent on the new content was well worth it. And I already know where I want to send fellow artist Jennifer when I get to her and Marty next week. :D (I should note that one of my hopes was stymied -- I can't change Victor's skin tone to the new, more appropriate super-pale one in CAS now that he's active in the game. I did give him a new casual outfit, though, and I since I have plans to make him and Alice both vampires in the future, I've got the pale skintone earmarked for his "dark form." Alice's will look as much like her Hysteria Mode self as I can get it.)

After that it was time to hop online, where I ended up watching some Sims videos -- house builds by The Sim Supply. Man has figured out how to make working homes in 4X4 and even 3X3 rooms. I am quite in awe of his skills. I'm also looking forward to more of his vampire mini-series, since that's just plain fun. And I've found somebody who's uploaded the Vampires CAS and Build/Buy music, so that's going on the Favorite Reading Music playlist. :) Good day with one of my favorite games.

Things that I have done that are NON-Sims related:

-->Vacuumed the upstairs hallway, my parent's bedroom, and my room, plus Swiffered my desk and night table. Not a full room clean, but at least it's a little neater in here.

-->Reviewed my "what do I absolutely have to do" list of notes for the upcoming "Fixing You," and adjusted a few things that have changed as I've gotten to know my characters and their universe better. Also updated the notes for a future post-main-cycle story, "Lobster Quadrille," as I know more of what I want to do with it now (it involves Victor and Alice at a garden party and the shenanigans that result).

-->Wrote a mini-scene from "Londerland Bloodlines" to get in some actual writing, since vampires are big on my mind. Poor ghoul Victor -- he had an embarrassing moment of literally begging Alice on his knees for more blood.

-->Watched Helloween's latest Last of You (a particular moment involving a ladder and an enemy guarding it proved to be his undoing multiple times -- the poor man just cannot catch a break when it comes to being horribly devoured in this game!) and Dead Space (Isaac had to deal with more necromorphs can he could count, though his only death was due to running out of air in a certain vacuum space) sets. Good times.

-->. . .Okay, this one IS kind of Sims-related, as I went ahead and looked up the page for 4 on TV Tropes to see if it had been updated for the latest content. It had, and I did a little looking on some linked vampire pages (specifically Vegetarian Vampire, as you can have LITERAL versions of these in Sims 4 -- vampires can eat plasma fruit for their dietary needs, and will HAVE to if they happen to have the Vegetarian trait). Led to a little of the usual time-wasting, though I managed to pull myself out before it got too bad.

Current projects are to catch up on my tumblr feed, maybe get another explanatory post up on The Valice Multiverse (the one for the Changeling: The Lost AU is largely good to go), and answer some FF.net PMs. *cracks knuckles* Night all!

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