Feb. 24th, 2017

crossover_chick: Victor and Alice together as if they're cuddling (OTP: Victor luvs Alice)
Nothing too special -- got the final batch of CAP stuff for PeopleFinder out, caught up on my maintenance backlog, and discovered the website acting weird was just the browser being weird when it comes to autofilling fields in forms (it was putting usernames and (thankfully still hidden) passwords in the Credit Card Number and Security Code fields). Day went by, at least.

The weather, on the other hand, was definitely something special -- it hit the 70s! I'm not even joking, I think the official high was 71 F. Went out for a walk at lunch, and while it was a bit windier, it was freaking gorgeous. Love it. Annoyed that temperatures will be rapidly falling back to what they're SUPPOSED to be for February over the weekend. Bleh. >( You can't give me such an awesome taste of spring and then go back to winter! Argh, March had better hurry up, get here, and proceed with the warming-up. After the past two days, I am officially Done With Winter.

I am also officially done with Dead Space -- watched the last set of Helloween's ReLP tonight! Great game, seriously -- though as Hells said, there's kind of an unnecessary slow bit near the end with maneuvering the plot macguffin through various rooms. Still, good chance to see him get his kickass on -- and the final boss fight, while essentially all "shoot the obvious weak points," still looks super-cool. Also, I am very glad Helloween warned about the last jump scare of the game -- it put me on the alert, and when I realized it was coming, I was able to turn my volume down so I didn't get my ears screamed out. (Reasons why I like this guy -- he hates jump scares, or at least poorly-done ones, just as much as me and thus makes sure we know about them.) Very nice LP -- and now I feel in good shape to finally start his co-op LP of DS3 with Rufert. XD

Things to do now, though -- well, honestly, I'm probably going to end up watching more videos, but at least I got my Saturday queue done on my main tumblr. Am going to attempt to get one done on Valice Multiverse, and catch up with some websites and such I've been neglecting. I leave you all with an adorable three-sentence prompt my friend Auntie Keith did over on tumblr, featuring Modern!Coffee Shop AU!Valice. :D Enjoy, and good night!

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