Apr. 2nd, 2017

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Yup, today was the brunch charity event for me and Mom! The whole thing was organized by a friend of one of my coworkers -- she found something called a "disappointment's room" (basically a room in which a disabled or otherwise different child would be hidden in so they would not embarrass the rest of the family) in her house a while back, and after researching the story of the little girl who lived there, was compelled to make something positive of it. So now she's running a charity called "Ruthie's Room" (since the girl was Ruthie) which helps make sensory rooms for kids with special needs. My coworker was selling tickets, and Mom and I bought two. For a good cause, and you got a free meal out of it!

And, in my case, a driving lesson -- back on the highway, though it wasn't anything too new. Though it was WINDY this morning -- I had to keep a close eye on where I was in the lane to make sure I wasn't drifting into anybody else. Made it up there without incident (though Mom and I had to switch when it became clear that finding a parking space was going to be veeeery tricky). Brunch itself was good -- there were a variety of things on offer, from pasta to potatoes to a crunchy french toast (Mom thinks it was rolled in graham cracker crumbs). I had some potatoes and some french toast, and a small cup of tea. Tea tasted mostly like sugar water to me, but the food was good. We sat with some of my coworker's other friends, and chatted for a while. A couple of my other coworkers came over to say hello, and it just pretty nice all around. I even got a chocolate chip cookie and a brownie out of it when they set out the desserts. :P

After that, Mom drove us over to the fabric store (she's got a project that requires felt), we hit the Warwick Newbury's (got the first and second issues of "Biff To The Future!" Which are funny but also pretty dark -- which I guess fits, seeing as it's a miniseries about how 1985A from Part II came to be), and then I drove us home again. Smooth, quiet ride, and we got home around two, which I appreciated muchly. Good day out!

Other things of note today:

-->Wrote another page on "Fixing You" while waiting to head out to the brunch -- Victor and Alice at a Hatter, Hare, and Dormy tea party. Fun stuff, even if it does involve Victor eating a candied snail :P

-->Played some Bloodlines -- got through the Fu Syndicate stuff, with a little help from walthroughs. Harry managed to not be killed by fake sunlight, lasers (the, uh, second time around when I remembered to put on Fortitude ^^;), spinny blades (which I think were supposed to move but didn't?), the Belmont team (again, the second time around), electricity, or fire. Amusingly, after triggering the event that lets the PC escape the deadly testing track and go after The Mandarin, I chose to muck around for a bit instead, looking for goodies --

And when I finished with that, I came back and found The Mandarin waiting for me in front of the door he was SUPPOSED to have fled through. XD I guess he got sick of waiting for me! I drained him dry and completed the quest -- though it took a little extra doing to find the extra goodies I wanted (quest item and some e-mails that I could use to convince another friendly character to skip town before he was killed). Got my next quest lined up, told said friendly character to get out of dodge. . .and then went to Hollywood to pick up an old porno mag for another side quest. XD Hey, I'm trying to get things done here! I'll swing back by Downtown briefly to get that cleared up, and then resume the main quest with a raid on the Giovanni mansion. Fun!

-->Watched Helloween's Chrono Trigger and DS3 sets -- CT remains amusing, cute, and full of fun, while DS3 remains hilariously derpy and silly, especially with Hells and Rufert at the helm. XD They're constantly mocking each other and their characters, it's great. Oh, and belated justice for Rufert, who was regularly messing up quicktime events in their RE5 playthrough -- this time it was Helloween who missed a prompt and got them both killed. XD Of course, Rufert also did the Helloween thing of going the complete wrong way at one point, so. . .

-->Watched Linkara's Fist of the North Star Chapter 1 review, which was pretty short! But good -- it's a manga about a guy who knows how to kill via pressure points, and wanders a post-apocalyptic wasteland defending the innocent (at least, that's how it looks from the first story). Linkara's snark was as usual on point, and it's nice when he gets to recommend something rather than full-on trash it.

-->Did my queue on my main blog and Valice Multiverse -- former runs straight through the beginning of Thursday! Nice to be so ahead. :)

And now I really need to get to bed, as it's a normal workday tomorrow. And I know I've got a lot waiting for me, so. . .night!

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