Apr. 19th, 2017

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As in, the moment I go to boot up my computer, I start running into problems. First my attempt to log in got basically stuck (I was sitting there waiting for about six minutes), and then when I restarted, I couldn't access the internal network drives (where we keep pretty much all of our files for work). And then when I restarted AGAIN, the drives had completely disappeared from my file explorer. Turns out there was a server problem, and they were up again fairly quickly, but I had to restart my computer YET AGAIN to actually get the drives to show back up, which ended up being ANOTHER wait as my computer "scanned and repaired drive C:" (no, I don't know either). And when I was finally back on and capable of doing my work...

The main printer stopped working. *sigh* Apparently the fuser's gone bad. We should have another one coming in tomorrow, but cripes. Like everything I touched broke today. >.< I even grazed a curb on the drive home -- and I'm close on one side of the driveway, so I'll have to fix that too before leaving tomorrow.

Okay, somewhat more positive things that happened today:

-->Wrote some more on "Fixing You," mainly the attack of the Puppet-Hand Spider. Changed my original idea of the design for that too -- it was a lot more like Alice's Nightmare Spiders from AMA before. I decided I wanted something more original, came up with something I consider a whole lot freakier. Who doesn't like creepy stitched-together hands? Already planning next move, and what'll go down in the church.

-->Got the second of the reviews I wanted up, so yay there.

-->Got another part of the Rabbit Hunt saga up on the website. Victor Luvs Alice queue now set until Friday, w00t.

-->Had a rather amusing convo with Nebby about potential "Beauty and the Beast" Valice AU shenanigans (she saw the remake and wants to do something, much like how she did CinderVictor a while back). Alice would be the Beast in this version, and Bumby Gaston, adding a whole new layer of creepy to his interactions with Belle/Victor.

So not a total washout of a day at least. Still, hoping Thursday is better. Just gotta grit my teeth and get on with things... G'night!

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