May. 21st, 2017

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These are the two things that took up the bulk of my day. First, headed over to Marshall's, only to find, yet again, no shoes that fit me right! Well, okay, not quite true, we did find ONE pair -- in lime green. And then couldn't find the style when we came home and started looking around online. *sigh* It's like -- I don't wear an uncommon shoe size! Why can't I find a nice simple pair of flats that don't cramp my toes? Stupid shoe companies making "narrow" shoes the norm...

Second was Nier: Automata by Helloween -- getting into the depressing stuff here, folks! Nines is not in a good place at all, and A2's stance on machines softening (as a result of meeting Pascal) came just in time for a massacre. D: I mean, I know the games by this developer and in this general universe tend toward the super-sad, but still. Ouch. :( Fortunately A2 is the sassy type, and Helloween still ain't afraid to crack some jokes, which helps keep it from getting too low. And I followed it all up with a chaser of The Sim Supply's final Vampire episode, which helped too. (His self-sim went up against Finn The Master Vampire and -- didn't exactly terrify the vamp. XD)

Other things that happened today:

-->Wrote something from the Coffee Shop AU, which has turned into a Dirk Gently crossover (yes, still without me seeing the show) -- it's actually a pretty intense scene, involving a life-transfer power for Victor I think I've mentioned before. It was just pounding on my head and I had to let it out. Helped that I'm at a chapter break for "Fixing You," and the next part starts off with a good chunk of copy-paste (I've had the opening scene written for a while now).

-->Played Sims 4 -- Wheatley had the day off work, so I decided he and Chell should go on a date instead! Went fantastically -- another Gold standard, and they've had their first kiss and are officially boyfriend and girlfriend. :D Yay for happy Chelley times~

-->Set up my tumblr queues for my main and RP blogs, hooray for being a little ahead of the game.

And now I have a couple of things to answer, and then have to hit the sack. I do have work for three days, after all. But after thaaaaat... We're already planning another mini-golf trip to the Cape on Thursday. Gonna be fun. :) Night all!
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