May. 30th, 2017

crossover_chick: Doc looking very sarcastically over his shoulder (BTTF: in a sarcastic mood)
We're only at the very beginning of this process, and between having to have the paperwork redone three times already (some wording that needed to be very precise, regarding things staying and things going), Dad complaining about the need for a home inspection (mostly because he doesn't trust the ones that work in RI, which, fine, God knows there's enough crooks in this state), having to go through mortgage loan approval AGAIN because the lady we were working with quit between reissuing my pre-approval letter and us actually finding a place -- not to mention getting everything together taking up enough time that I literally did not have any to write. . .AND I just realized I never actually got around to making my lunch either. . . Someone remind me why this is all going to be worth it.

Work wasn't much better -- Tuesday, so Parish Weekly reports day. Started later than normal thanks to needing some Friday stuff put on (because, you know, three-day-weekend), and ran into some interesting glitches, including gifts not showing up correctly because of mucked-up postdates. Somehow I found time to answer a PM that's been waiting for ages in between all that, and even got in a walk this afternoon (not a particularly pleasant one, but still), but -- I could have used a less-stressful day in the office. I didn't even really get anything else done beyond all that fiddling with reports. And I do have a fair amount to freaking do.

Evening hasn't been too bad, at least. Got queue done for Valice Multiverse, getting ready to do final reblogs for tumblr. Caught up on most things. About ready to get to bed, though. Here's hoping tomorrow's a little less stressful. Night all. . .

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