Jun. 10th, 2017

crossover_chick: Victor leaning over to look at a blue butterfly in a glass jar (CB: i has a happy thing)
Windows open, shorts and t-shirt on, hanging around in my nightgown now. . .ahhhh. Now this the weather I can get behind. :) Bright sunny today too -- went for a walk this morning after having my breakfast smoothie and getting dressed. Felt great to get out and get some exercise. Amazing that not a week ago it was in the 50s and rainy. . .

Things I have accomplished today:

-->Wrote some more on "First Time" -- worked in a reference to a common "cure" for "female hysteria," since Victorian psychiatry was awful. I find myself going to great lengths to keep Alice from having to suffer through those particular bits of awful -- probably because I think she's had enough going on in her life. (Though then I look at Victor and feel super-guilty. . .) The rewrite of the first scene is definitely getting this story on the track I want now, though.

-->Played Sims 4 -- Eric had a good day on the job. Still couldn't track down the suspect for his latest case (where are all my red-headed Art-Loving male teens in long-sleeve shirts and jeans?), but I fulfilled a bunch of the other goals and got him a promotion anyway! He's now a Senior Detective, yay~ And, nicely, one of his coworkers called him and offered to take him out to celebrate his promotion, leading to him ending up with a group of fellow police officers at the Rattlesnake Juice bar!

The outing was promptly ruined by a background vampire Sim showing up as the Mixologist and hanging out in the sun too long. First on-screen Sim death, people! The unlucky vampire was sobbed over for a while, then his soul collected by the Grim Reaper, leaving a neat batty tombstone. Then he promptly came back as a ghost and brought some friends because apparently the bar has GHOST NIGHT. Eric didn't even get anything to eat or drink as a result of the shenanigans. At least it'll make for an interesting update!

-->Watched Helloween's Nier: Automata extra set (Arena DLC -- what should have just been fun robot beat em ups promptly turns depressing, because Nier. At least we got the Kaine outfit out of it) and the first two sets of his new S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat LP (we're doing some artifact hunting, and Helloween just managed to gun down a whole sawmill full of zombies, getting a bunch of sweet loot in the process). Also watched Linkara's old April Fool's Jimquisition parody talking about the failures of the New 52, and his latest actual episode (a Babylon 5 comic that was okay, but doesn't really work as a good way to draw people into the show), plus some RabbidLuigi videos. Good times! Tomorrow is DS3 day, as well as much of The Sim Supply's Parenthood LP that I can watch (he's already up to set 4! O.o).

-->Attempted to watch Whose Line? with the folks at lunch -- however, something screwy is going on with the CW episodes (season 9 and up). Basically, about midway through, they start acting like they're playing on a scratched DVD -- fast-forwarding for no reason while making an awful noise. This has happened three times in a row now, and we can't figure out what the hell is going on. We're watching it through the official CW app! Why are their OWN EPISODES not working correctly? O.o It's a bummer, because WLIIA is one of my favorite shows, and I was looking forward to catching up on the post-Drew American revival. Hmph. We're gonna see what we can do with YouTube.

-->Watched a classic Joel MST3K with dinner -- Hercules Vs. The Moon Men. There was much deep hurting. Some classic riffing (and I finally got to see some scenes I'd previously only seen the bloopers for), but man, that sandstorm scene. Ouch. XD

-->Currently doing the RP thing while catching up some with main tumblr -- ought to get back to that, actually. So yeah -- night all!

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