Jul. 14th, 2017

crossover_chick: Doc snoozing on his couch (BTTF: exhausted)
Though less grumpy at least -- being with your own computer, listening to your own music, does seem to make all the difference. Got out at 12 after a morning checking out potentially-deceased people (both doing the normal obituaries, and starting a project where we make sure that people a system tool tried to mark as deceased really ARE deceased), played on my iPad until about 12:45 (they changed the bus times on me -- at least I got caught up on tumblr), then came home around 2 (after a quick stop-off for a Snickers). Got the latest batch of airtime for my phone, then started another round of packing!

And, for once, my hoarder tendencies have actually HELPED me! You see, for reasons I cannot fathom now, I kept a lot of the old boxes/packaging for many of my larger toys. So once I started discovering them in my closet, I went "what the hey" and repackaged everything for the move. I'll dump the boxes once everything's at the new house and on shelves, but right now they're useful. I've packed up all my minimates, all my Corpse Bride figures, my A:MR Alice figure, and a good chunk of my BTTF toys. I still have a fair amount of stuff to go, but the main bulk of my bookcases has been cleared out. I mainly just have to do the top shelf on each one. I also have to do my desk, the drawers under my bed, and my clothes, but -- one thing at a time. As Mom reminded me, we do have until the end of the month to get out of here.

Not much else to say. No writing yet, but I'm hoping to push out at least a drabble or part of a snippet before midnight comes. I can stay up a little later/sleep a little later thanks to the weather tomorrow morning being a bit iffy -- supposed to rain, and Dad wants to wait until it clears up before we start doing serious moving. The goal is that we'll be mainly living there by the end of this weekend, and just coming to this place to pick up stuff, but we'll see how things go. Still, it would be nice to finally just make the switch. Feels like it would be a load of stress off my mind to just -- be in the other house, finally. With my stuff to make it feel like home. But again, we'll see.

Right now, though, I'm either going to get some writing done, or I'm going to watch some Helloween and Rufert play DS3's DLC. Because that's up now and it would be nice to catch up a bit on my videos. Especially funny Helloween ones. :p Either way, good night!

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