Sep. 1st, 2017

crossover_chick: Victor leaning over to look at a blue butterfly in a glass jar (CB: i has a happy thing)
Which held a few surprises, such as:

-->Newbury's has changed locations! It's now on the opposite side of the mall from where it was, closer to the escalators. Looks like a shoe store is going to have the old space. The new store is a lot brighter lit with more toys, but the comics section is looking damn sparse indeed. I actually DID find a BTTF comic, but it's one from later in the story than where I left off. I'm probably just going to have to keep ordering them off -- getting them in physical stores doesn't seem to be happening anymore. I did at least manage to pick up a new pair of sunglasses (my old pair got busted).

-->Dave & Buster's has rearranged the layout again a bit! A few games have exchanged places, and one of my favorites (a ball-tossing dino-themed game) has gone bye-bye. :( I managed to hit most of my other favorites, though. It was fun to go around and play there again. I've missed the trips I used to take up there. Have to figure out a new way to manage them now that I'm in a new house. (None of us are fond of trying to manage that parking garage!)

-->Dairy Queen has some new Blizzards! I went ahead and got the Triple Truffle -- what I assume was vanilla ice cream mixed with three different types of filled-truffle-type candies (fudge, peanut butter, and caramel). Pretty damn tasty.

So yeah, it was a good time. I also got my next dentist appointment set up afterwards, so that worked out pretty nicely too. One less thing to worry about.

Other things of note:

-->Took a short break from "Fixing You" to write a Dirk-Gently-AU-related piece (feeling kind of inspired thanks to all the people squeeing about the upcoming Season 2 on my dash) -- took a bit of pounding into shape, but I think I got it working. At least I'm still well-settled for potential AU Thursday posts.

-->Also taking a short break from Valice Multiverse -- just not really feeling the RP thing today. I plan to be on actively both Saturday and Sunday nights, so I think everyone will survive one night of me not queuing.

-->Played some Bioshock -- went hunting down some of the audio diaries I missed. Took me a while to find them, mostly because it took me a while to get back to where I started (they're near the beginning of the area). Got a few good splicer shots on the way back, at least -- I appear to have researched Leadhead Splicers to the max! (Or was it Thuggish? No, pretty sure Leadhead, since they're shooting at me.) Also a couple good Little Sister shots. Also found another safe, and all sorts of goodies lying around. I know I should be working on the main quest, given the whole "Ryan just killed the trees GIVING US ALL OXYGEN AND KEEPING US ALIVE" thing, but the game isn't penalizing me for taking my time, and I still have more diaries to find! Currently holed up in a Saturine lair, after machine-gunning the damn Houdini Splicer who lived there. Felt good, let me tell you -- those guys are BASTARDS.

-->And currently on the website/tumblr dash catch-up side of things. As I do on Friday nights. Actually, I haven't really started the tumblr bit, so I'd better get on that. *waves* Night all!

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