May. 5th, 2017

crossover_chick: Victor leaning over to look at a blue butterfly in a glass jar (CB: i has a happy thing)
Icky, rainy day out there, so I stayed in and just watched videos for most of the day. Nice to be able to just hang out and catch up on stuff like that, I gotta say. :) Here's the list for the curious:

-->Got up around 9 and had my breakfast shake while playing on my iPad

-->Wrote some more "Fixing You" -- ended the Colossal Nell boss fight with Victor getting Hysterical, which was surprisingly fun to write. Just gotta clear up the resulting mess (and get him healed up; fortunately she dropped a bunch of metaessence), and then it's onto the next chapter and the final boss! :)

-->Played some Bloodlines -- currently in the middle of the Society of Leopold quest! I had no other side quests to clean up, so off to deal with the vampire hunters. Managed to get into the place with a minimum of bloodshed -- getting THROUGH the building, not so much. Three Final Deaths before I made it downstairs into the Caves. Though one was the result of my own idiocy, as I was in a room filled with explosives when I made a hunter run through the lasers that set them off. . .what I get. (I just really wanted to blow one up, you know?) But I'm down there now, ready to commit some first-class inquisitor murder -- and save Ash, of course. Unfortunately, I think the fact that I'm doing this quest means I accidentally fouled up my chances to save Heather. :( I tried talking to her before I left, but I didn't have the option to let her go anywhere in my dialogue. Damn it. . .sorry, Heath. Next playthrough, I swear!

-->After webcomics, Comics Curmudgeon, Cake Wrecks, and lunch, it was Helloween time! Started with Nier: Automata (which keeps getting weirder and more unnerving, especially with 9S's ability to hack things and look at documents he shouldn't be able to see. . .) and then decided to do the Chrono Trigger set I couldn't get to last weekend (Chrono and party were briefly knocked unconscious and imprisoned by an evil Queen, but saved and thrown back through the time portal -- and then got a time machine of their own! Sweet! Also, found out one of the secrets of Merle's pendant, so previously sealed stuff is now open to everybody for goodies). Good times, good times.

-->Of course, those sets all tend to be pretty long, so that didn't leave me with a lot of time for anything else. Current projects are setting up Valice Multiverse queue and catching up on Victor Luvs Alice's dashboard.

And that's about it. There's an open house we're going to tomorrow (Grape St), so I gotta be up by 9ish again, but I think I can sneak in one WhatCulture video. Then finish up my work and go to bed. Keep your fingers crossed things go well tomorrow! Night all!

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