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And I find myself kicking off the Christmas season with a glut of Forgotten Vows Verse! Let me provide you the links to the latest chapter -- which, I should say, is the Rutledge Asylum chapter, so there is creepy imagery. Particularly involving what Victorians thought of as good for mental health and what happens to our ginger-haired companion from the early levels. So yeah, if you're squicked, read with caution. That said, links:

Chapter 21 on

Chapter 21 on AO3

Fortunately, the drabble I have for today is at least slightly more upbeat:
First Day )

Not much else to say, except that I have been deprived of my Castlevania by YouTube being a douche to Helloween4545. I want to see the end of "Order of Ecclesia" darn it! Hopefully he'll be able to get it up soon. . . Just been a rainy and miserable Sunday. Fortunately I had nowhere to be. Gotta start planning for Tuesday, though. Ah yes, waking up early, how I did NOT miss you. . .at least it's only for six days over two weeks. And if it does help me find gainful employment, it'll be worth it.

Anyway, I may take an early shower, and I do have some RPing to catch up on, so later!
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Today has been a day of various updates! [personal profile] forgotten_vows now has a post on potential pets (although Lucinda, his daemon, isn't really a pet, per say), and I updated his main informational post with categories for all the fic and stuff. Did much the same to The Forgotten Vows Verse section of my site, as well as adding "Card Castles In The Sky". So at least a semi-productive day, yes. I also wrote, although not on "Forgetting You" like I'd hoped. On the other hand, another gift fic for a friend is done, so that's a plus. :)

One thing I've been thinking about doing is changing Forgotten Vows's Dreamwidth layout. There's nothing wrong with the one he's got (in fact, it kind of matches his new tumblr layout), but I feel it could be jazzed up a little. The problem is, there's a TON of other themes to go looking at in the themes section, and I'm not sure any of the ones I've browsed through so far appeal to me. I'd like to keep his current background, so I'm pretty sure transparent journal entries are out, but. . . I dunno. I'll probably just keep what I have for the time being. It's functional, and it has a cool "wallpaper."

Not much else to say about the day except that, apart from some variably cloudy weather this morning and some wind during the day, the weather was actually great. Quite warm out -- I got in a good walk. :D Gotta make the most of these last chances for fresh air! Dad and I are sealing up the windows tomorrow, so it'll be hard to come by very very soon. (Then again, getting rid of the cold drafts that winter proper will bring will be nice too.) Right now, though, I'm gonna go back to keeping an eye on the tumblrs. Later!
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I'd be helping my mom out with her job, basically -- she's often required to stay over at the person she cares for's house for long stretches of time because the other family members want to go out. Since basically all they need for those periods is someone to watch the place so it doesn't burn down, I've gone ahead and agreed to be a sort of "babysitter." I wasn't sure I could do it at first -- worried that something horrible would happen on my watch -- but I need the money, and Mom desperately needs the break. So yeah. We'll see how that goes.

Gave Chapter 17 it's first pass-through today -- things are coming together, slowly but surely. I also uploaded a little ficlet inspired by the video game "Journey" and a friend on telling me that it would make a good dream sequence: Journey I think it's cute, anyway. I watched a coop playthrough of that this afternoon over lunch, and -- well. I really need to favorite the soundtrack on YouTube or something, because that game always gives me the good feelings inside. :)

As it is, right now I've got tumblr to catch up on, so I'd best get back to that. Later!
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I celebrated by making both of my regular RP Victors miserable! :D
-RPD: You are a rather twisted young lady, aren't you?-
Well, to be fair, it finally got Butterfly Boy some activity over on tumblr. . . Basically, today was all about nasty brain stuff -- Forgotten Vows had a nasty nightmare (this is the DW version, which kicked off a show of his darker side over at [community profile] mallowhallow -- there was also a slightly-adjusted tumblr version) and Butterfly Boy suffered a bad day, madness-wise (this is an unfortunate side-effect of going Creative -- being a Touched isn't all fun and games). Given the date's association with bad luck (and Forgotten's own mild triskaidekaphobia), it seemed appropriate.
-RPD: You are aware Forgotten will be sulky with you for some time now?-
Actually, we watched a thing about base jumping and flying suits over supper -- I think seeing those mollified him a bit. Anything to do with flight generally does.

Not much else to report for the day -- what looked like a really awful day to start actually got rather decent out in the afternoon. Though there were a few threatening clouds in places all throughout the day. Still, I got in a nice walk, so that was good. And I found some jobs that seem right up my alley to apply to -- I've just got to make a tailored resume for them. I'll work on that tomorrow, since I've already got a basic template to use. I also worked on Chapter 16 of "Forgetting You" -- that one shouldn't take too long to get off the ground, since it's only about the very beginning of Chapter 4 in the game. Hopefully it and Chapter 17 will go well and go out quickly -- I already know Chapter 18 will have to take a while, since I'll be writing that one from scratch, pretty much. Ah, the joys of story restructuring. . . .

Anyway -- I've got tags on tumblr to do. The one good thing about all the Victor angst is Alice cuddletimes, and I'm sure they'd like me to get back to that. Later!
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Damn it, lost track of the time for a minute! >.< *swats wrist* Bad Backie, bad.
-D: It's only a minute -- and given that you not only watched the September 4th scenes, but also the Doubleback music video, I think we can forgive you.-
All right, but I really do need to keep a better watch on the time. Anyway, quote!

Clara Clayton: Oh -- thank you, sir! You saved my. . . *raises hat, finally sees Doc* . . .life.
Doc Brown: *stunned, whips off hat* Emmett Brown at your service, Miss.
Clara Clayton: Um -- um -- *hat falls in eyes* Clayton! *lifts hat again* Clara Clayton.
Doc Brown: Clara? . . .What a beautiful name?

It's lovebirds day, we gotta do their first meeting. :) And yes, I did watch the Doubleback music video as well -- I was watching these scenes over lunch and it turns out my sandwich and chips actually took more time than the actual chunk of movie. So I threw on Doubleback -- it's still a great song, and a great video. :)

Anyway, I gotta say I had a great day. It was actually NICE OUT, shock of shocks -- sunny and not really humid at all. :D I got in a good walk (which included a stop at the bank to get some emergency money into my savings account -- finding a job is still top priority here, but now I can at least be sure of making rent for the rest of the year!), and got some writing done -- bits and pieces on Chapter 15, plus a write-up of a story I came up with yesterday but wasn't able to type because of the thunderstorm that would never end. You can see it here: Imagine Your OTP Prompt: Baby Kicking It's actually the first part of a little series, so I'll keep you updated for the next couple of days as well. Not to mention had a nice lunch and dinner watching things that I love. w000 yes, good day. Even if I did discover I accidentally overpaid for ice cream. Ah well.

And now I need to go back and do tags again. And remind myself that I'm not allowed to just miss tomorrow's 10:04! 5th and 7th are definitely no-miss days.
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Played Sims 2! Yes, I know, you may all faint in shock now. I've just been so caught up in the news over Sims 4 and looking at Sims-related channels and suchlike that I decided I really needed to get back into the game. Not to mention I had both BTTF decor and new Disney-inspired "trees" (seriously, the giant leaves and mushrooms I downloaded showed up in build mode under the tree category) to look at in the game. So I fired it up -- after quickly putting in place a fix to make sure the game would start. EA apparently broke the Sims 2 launcher. Meh. Still, got into my game fine, played a quick day with the EVL family fine, so let's have a short update on how they're doing:
Holy Crap, They Liiiive )

Anyway! That's my adventure of the day -- beyond getting Forgotten really mad at me for a certain piece of fic I posted. . . So I'll take my leave now before he catches up with me. (BTW, link is NSFW!)
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Another hot and sticky one, which meant most of the day was spent indoors. Heat waves suck. At least the worst is supposed to be over soon. We hope.

Worked a little on Chapter 13 of "Forgetting You," and on doing more origin stories for my Avengers AU. Also posted a few of my photocomics to tumblr: Unmade and Red In My Ledger. Seriously, Hawkeye and Black Widow really, really reminded me of Forgotten Vows and Alice there. I even wrote up a rough draft of how Victor could adapt Hawkeye's speech for "Remembering You" (he's shouting at Dr. Wilson during a therapy session while he's amnesiac, by the by):

“No, you don’t understand!”
Victor suddenly got to his feet, glaring down at the psychiatrist. “You haven’t – have you ever had anyone take your brain and just – play?” he demanded. “Take you out and reduce you down to nothing more than an empty shell? A doll to be posed and prodded when wanted, and shoved in the corner when not?!” The anger drained from his face, leaving a sort of empty pain and horror. “Do you know what it’s like to be unmade?”
Dr. Wilson was silent for a moment, then shook his head. “No, I don’t,” he confessed quietly.
“Then how can you say you can remake me? The pieces are gone and I–” Victor sat down again, slumping over his knees. “Even if you find them, I won’t be myself anymore.”
Alice put a hand on his back. “That’s not precisely true,” she whispered, making him look up at her. “I’ve never been completely unmade, but – I’ve broken. I’ve shattered. But I found the pieces. And maybe they don’t fit together quite like they used to – but I’m still here.” She touched his cheek. “You’re only lost if you believe you are."

Don't know if it'll end up like that in the final draft, but I really do want to use at least the "unmade" line.

And damn, I have been hit by a bad case of "tired" right now, so I'm gonna go poke at TV Tropes for a few minutes before returning to RP stuff. *shakehead*
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Remember Chapter 3 of "Forgetting You?" Someone commented that, while she enjoyed the chapter, she felt a little disconnected from Wonderland because so much of the beginning was written in flashback. While she also mentioned that changing it for one person would be a dumb idea, I'm having some issues with Chapter 5 -- it's a real problem chapter for me -- so I decided to rewrite the beginning to show Alice falling into Wonderland directly. I guess I'm hoping it would provide me with some inspiration. Here's what I came up with -- would you guys prefer Chapter 3 start with something like this, rather than the "Alice reflecting" that made up a good chunk of the beginning of the original?
I Fell Dooooown )

I hope you enjoy! Those of you in the same area of impact as me, stay safe! Those of you not, count your blessings!

Those of you in the middle of summer, I kind of hate you! XD
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