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Paying bills -- it's always fun. *sigh* At least the ones we get can be paid online. And aren't overly expensive. And of course there was another fight with getting the Cox account to work. . . God damn I hope that's finally settled now. *deep sigh*

Managed to push past it after supper and get another page done on "Fixing You," at least. Which -- involves Alice getting mad that Pastor Galswells once clonked Victor, which then turned into a discussion on "my favorite OTP couple survives things that should have killed them/seriously injured them/left serious scars with barely a scratch" (aka Victor's head smacks into a headstone so hard it MOVES and he runs into the same tree twice, and Alice recovered from severe burns with no visible scarring on her face and hands). Rather odd little detour for the fic to take, but hey, whatever works. My original idea wasn't, so. . .

After that I watched some stuff on YouTube, then I caught up on my tumblr, updated my queue for VictorLuvsAlice (helps that I had a few posts ready and waiting to go in the drafts), and put up another Mallow Hallow snippet on AO3 (for said queue): Necessities. And chatted with my friend about her artwork and suchlike. So I guess I had a pretty productive evening in the end. *shrug* Shouldn't complain. After all, just watching the Weather Channel proves it could be a LOT worse.

At any rate -- time for bed. Still got two days to go at the job. (Which is getting a few more interesting things to do with rosters coming in for updating. . .) Night all, sleep tight! Hope you're all safe what with the hurricanes on one side and the wildfires on the other. :(

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