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Here's the breakdown:

-->Usual changing of the sheets and cleaning, as is habit now on Saturday mornings.

-->Went up with Mom to Michael's to get a display case for my BTTF jacket that I got signed by Christopher Lloyd, Bob Gale, Claudia Wells, and Jeffery Weismann. Managed to snag one for 50% off thanks to a sale. Mom drove up, and I drove back -- glad of that, too, because the ride up hit some super-heavy traffic. And some idiots who couldn't figure out how to merge into a lane. *sigh* Jacket is now safely on display inside.

-->Talked about various measurements with Mom and Dad throughout the day -- apparently these shelves really ARE happening. Finally! No actual shelving yet, but lots of plans being made.

-->Wrote another page on "Fixing You" -- mostly just Victor and Alice banter, talking about Burtonsville being colorless and explaining why Victoria isn't with them (since I mentioned in an earlier chapter that Victor was going to write her and ask her along). Simple, but good.

-->Caught up on all The Sim Supply's current Parenthood videos -- Max ALMOST has all the bad traits locked in. Emotional Control is juuuust out of reach right now, but as James is getting surprisingly bad at taking care of his needs. . .well, getting that settled might just be a matter of a few more tantrums. :P He also had a completely chaotic "dinner party" with some new neighbors, and accidentally tried to get Max to seduce the MOTHER of the family because he kept mistaking her for the teen daughter. *snort* He's such a wreck at this game sometimes. . . Apparently he's already recorded up to the end, so the final few episodes should be showing up soon! Yay~

-->Played Sims 4 myself -- skipped ahead to Eric and Nikal's place because I think Geekcon is coming up in the game again and I want to give Emmett the chance to go. They were both at Skye Fitness for some reason -- I ran with it and had them get breakfast from a food stand, then had Nikal exercise for a bit before work. (Eric I sent home -- he had another day off, so no point in him sticking around the gym.) She had a good day -- no promotion, but some new inventions/upgrades. Plus some advancement in her romantic life -- she and Emmett are getting along again! Don't get it, but whatever. It is nice when they actually get to be cute together. As is usual lately with my families, I also remodeled their house -- added a hallway, decreased the size of their bathroom, and increased the size of their study. Looks a lot nicer, I gotta say. And has more room to display some of their collectibles.

-->Currently doing the RP thing, which is pretty busy tonight -- at some point, I also have to try catching up on my main tumblr and getting the next chapter of Secundus up on AO3 so I can queue it up for tomorrow. Aaaah, so much to do at night. . .

Okay. Time to get back to work. Night all, sleep tight!

Date: 2017-09-10 07:33 pm (UTC)From: [personal profile] gigs_83
gigs_83: (Default)
So I had a dream that you posted a VAlice Sims update in your journal, then at the bottom shared some fanart someone did for you of Victor in kind of a Hysteria form. And the last part of the entry was something you'd written for me, and I knew it was a dream because you called me "Lisa" instead of "gigs", and unfortunately I woke up before I could read whatever it was.

Date: 2017-09-14 02:00 am (UTC)From: [personal profile] gigs_83
gigs_83: (Default)
No it was more in the style of this artist, though the color scheme is similar: black and white figure, red weapon/blood.

And you're always V to me, so we both do it. XD

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