May. 11th, 2013

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Today was -- sort of productive and sort of not. I got stuff done, but it was stuff that took a long time, so I fell behind some other stuff and -- yeah. Still, I have some lovely fruits of my labor to show off, so. . .

First up my official sticky "Related Journals" post, with a gorgeous muselist chart courtesy of [community profile] tookthestars! [personal profile] martyfan organizing her muselist inspired me to do something similar with mine, and one of my fellow citizens of [community profile] mallowhallow has a CR-chart that was created by that community, which led me to check them out. I fell in love with the Electric Chapel design and tried to use it as a profile code -- only to discover that apparently DW profiles don't like pretty coding.

So I decided "my 'mini-bio' could stand to be a bit more mini" and made a sticky post instead so it would show up properly. I also transferred all the information on the muses over to their journal's profile, since that's where it should be. They don't really show up much here anymore, so. . .

Anyway, I've now got my RP and other related journals all nice and neat in that sticky. Please take a look!

And my other major accomplishment for the day: Chapter 19 on and on AO3

"Finding You" IS DONE! :D

Whew -- that was some pretty intense editing, but I'm glad I did it -- I think the final product is much, much better for being poked and prodded at like that. Same with "Losing You!" Now I can get back to "Forgetting You!"

. . . Mind, I may get back to it by do some editing of the first eight chapters, but that shouldn't take quite as long as these previous efforts have. Besides, graduation's next Friday -- let me get through that, THEN we can get to the next chapters.

Other than that, not much to report -- been a pretty quiet Saturday, in fact. O.o Thought there'd be more people out and about, but -- guess not. *shrug* Probably because it's still finals time for a lot of people. I've done my duty there! :)

Now -- I kind of want to do a CR chart for [personal profile] forgotten_vows too. . .
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